Kinský Castle

Comprehensive delivery of the exhibition “People in the Landscape, the Landscape in People” presenting the mutual relationship between people and the Wallachian environment, from the arrival to our region of the first prehistoric hunters through to the present day.

Castle Bílovec

Comprehensive delivery of the “Exhibition of the Middle Ages” at Castle Bílovec.

Castle Roštejn

Comprehensive delivery of the exhibition as part of the overall reconstruction of Roštejn Castle – the second most visited tourist attraction in the Vysočina Region.

Laboratory of Silence

The multimedia installation “Laboratory of Silence” reflects humanity’s need to be in the wild. The result is a comprehensive image of a forest in which living nature combines with technology, and offers a unique aesthetic and emotional experience accompanied by knowledge and relaxation.

Interpretation Centre of Erbil Citadel

Comprehensive delivery of the exhibition for the new museum in the Citadel of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan and the oldest permanently inhabited place on the planet.

Vincentka Hall

Comprehensive delivery of the exhibition in the Vincentka Hall in Luhačovice.

Virtual Forest

A gallery installation that allowed visitors to step out of the gallery space and into a virtual forest.

Fantasy Land

Delivery of interiors for the temporary exhibition of regions and partners during the Czech Republic’s participation at the world exhibition EXPO 2015 in Milan. Thanks to digital simulation, we were able to imitate the processes of the sedimentation and erosion of sandstone that took place over millions of years and gave rise to typical landscape formations.